Canada- an astonishing place for spend your vacation

Canada is one of the most amazing nations for holidaying. If you are adventure lover, than there are lot of choices available for you. Vacations in Canada present you to enjoy lot of festivals. Its culture and adventure experience makes its unique tourist destination. Within your budget, you can travel all the famous destinations in the country. This country has something for everyone. If you want to make your trip special, affordable and full of charm than this country is an ideal choice for you.

This country has lot of new things to enjoy. If we talk about the wild northern Canada that I must say that this place is very different from rest of the world. You will have some unique and adventures experience at this place.

The interesting mixture of the French, British and some local culture and civilization Canada is has an excellent culture. These all things make it different from US. Beside of this Canada is full of glamour life and modern life style. You will enjoy your every bit of life there. Canada is measured as a honeymoon paradise. The luminous Fairmont winery Lake Louise is the famous honeymoon destinations in this country.

You can easily manage a tremendous tour to Canada. It will be a captivating experience for you. You can easily watch popular bear playing grounds there. Its major points of attractions are is its park, island, excellent buildings and its bear’s parks. This country is full of Museums and Galleries. It is worldwide famous for its traditional galleries. These galleries are the reflection of Canadian tradition. If you want to have a perfect picture of its culture, you must watch its museums and galleries. The steel and bronze statues are also extremely beautiful. The beautiful landscapes are one more attraction for the travelers.

Japan needs more foreign workers

The population of Japan increases rapidly. The government of Japan wants more skilled immigrants to his country. The industrial revolution has changed the scenario of present time. The application of modern technology brings new innovations. The economical and financial development is the major motto of hiring the foreign workers around the world.

The phenomena of allowing more immigrants towards the country is bit controversial but the ever shrinking human resource and tight labor market situation are promoting the prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe’s policy team and lawmakers to choose the debatable option.

An analysis says that the reconstruction of Japan after tsunami and a construction boom ahead of Tokyo Olympics 2020 have short of labor market demand to its peak within the span of last twenty four years.

That has enhanced the percentage of foreign worker to 40% since 2013. The workers are mostly Chinese, Brazilians, Vietnamese and Filipinos.

The term and policy of visa is barring the unskilled foreign workers to immigrate to Japan. So it contributes only 1.4% of work force in the current labor market. The japans have executed an idea by reforming the visa policy to hire large number of foreign skilled workers for their industries. The system first trained the skilled workers by introducing the internship program after that allowing them to work on projects.

Though the country has a large population but they have lack of skilled human resource.  By which they have bound to hire the skilled workers to developing their industries.  The current labor market needs more amount of work force for the rapid developments of the nations.

The Japanese have shortage of talented indivisuals who can implement the skills and innovations to their projects to make it more profitable.  The government of Japan is hiring the international students and skilled workers for the overall development of its economy.

Business and Investment Immigration Canada

Canada is one of the best places to reside. Every year large number of immigrants comes to Canada for their future prospect.  The constant and steady growth economy of the country allows the business persons and the investors to invest their fund in Canadian projects.

Canada offers the most widely used investment immigration programs in the world providing the PR status. Business immigration has many segments such as Quebec investors program, provincial entrepreneur program and Quebec entrepreneur program.

Canada has lot more natural resources. The investors can invest their fund in these things to gain huge profit. Canada provides European style social benefits complete with the resultant moderate level of taxation

The business person and the entrepreneur who are immigrating to Canada to   for commercial point of view should have some common criteria to fulfill. The investors have the minimum capital amount fixed by the visa and immigration authorities by Canada and the business should provide 10 full time jobs to the Canadian.

From all the aspect Canada is really a beautiful country. The scenic beauty of the country is one of the major focus points of the tourist.

Agriculture has a significant role in Canadian economy. The investor also invests the money on agriculture. There are lots more cultivating land in Canada. The investors can utilize this land and improve the productivity.   Agriculture is one of the important sources contributing the GDP. Investors can take the help of agricultural science and implanted the modern technology to increase the rate of productions.

Agricultural boost also a great things for the financial aspect of the country.  There are so many natural resources in Canada. If necessary actions have taken for more industrialization by implementing this resource government will be more benefited and the investor will get huge amount of profits.

Schengen visa

A Schengen visa granted by any of the Schengen area member countries allows the free movement of visitors around its zone. Schengen zone is consisting of 26 European countries. Except United Kingdom and Ire Land all the European nations are come under this zone.

According to the type of visa granted by the consulate of any Schengen country or certain embassy has followed some restrictions. The types of visa also differ from one to another depending upon the nature of travelling and other relevant circumstances.

Schengen area named after the Schengen agreement. The zone consists of 26 European nations.  Austria , Belgium ,Czech republic ,Denmark ,Estonia ,Finland ,France ,Germany , Greece ,Hungary ,Iceland ,Italy ,Latvia ,Lithuania , Luxembourg ,Malta ,Netherlands ,Norway ,Poland ,Portugal ,Slovakia ,Slovenia ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland  and Liechtenstein are the countries come under the Schengen region.

All the countries of Schengen region share their borders so a person can travel all the 26 European countries in a single visa. Depending of the term and conditions Schengen visa are five types, such as Tourist visa, business visa, student visa, working visa and transit visa.

Different visas are issued for different purpose but one can travel all the 26 countries of Europe without any difficulties by the help of Schengen visa. There is some policy of visa which divided in to three types such as single entry, double entry, multiple entries

In single entry the visa holder allows to enter a Schengen country once in a particular time. Once you leave the Schengen region then the visa becomes invalid for further use.

In double entry system you can enter twice in the region with a particular time slot. After you exit from the region in your second entry the visa becomes invalid. In multiple entry system the visa holder can enter into the region multiple times without any difficulties.

Why Canada is the best destination for study for the Indian student

Studying in abroad is an aspiration for many students. In last couple of years Canada proved itself as one of leading education hub in all over the world. Many international students have desire to pursue their higher studies due to the scholastic pattern of study of the Canadian universities.

In 2008 the number of application for Canadian student visa was 3000. The amount increased to 12000 in 2012 and as of now the number of application cross the limit of 18000. Canada is now becoming the favorite destination of studies for the Indian students.

Canada is one of the world’s most educated country. More than half of its residents are graduates. The country does not have central education system but jurisdiction systems for each province.  According to organization for Economic co-operation and development Canada is the third in the world to spending the per capita income for public post secondary education.

Approximately 10,000 graduate and under graduate programs are being provided by 92 Canadian universities and 175 community colleges. Various course like engineering, economics, management, statistics, agriculture, degrees, Ph.d have been provided in the universities.

Some universities implemented the scholarship programs to attract the international students towards them. Universities also provide the internship program to develop the work experience of the students. Majority of campus have wired with latest technology. Well decorated classrooms, libraries and the method of studies are the major criteria to attract the Indian students.

Student can enjoy the high profile life style with good healthcare benefits there in Canada. Canadian universities allow the student to work during their studies. Lot more opportunities are there for students to earn money to prepare their own bread and butter during the student life.

There are various programs organized by the universities to provide the work experience to the students. which will be useful for them after completion of their course.

Foreign Tourist Arrival in Thailand has Increased to 15%

Best-Tourist-Attractions-in-ThailandThailand is one of the best holiday destinations for the people around the globe. The numbers of tourist arrival to this country increases in recent times. The internationals tourist arrivals to the country have reached more than 9 million during the interval of January to march. The rate of increase is 15.45%.

There were 2.6 million china tourist have already visited Thailand in the first quarter of 2016. Last year the number was 2 million. The number shows that the rate has increased gradually.

The ministry’s of tourism showed a report that 9,038,893 international tourist have been visited the country during the first three months of the year. Last year the number was 7,829,153.  It shows the country attracts more number of people in current time.

The tourism and sports minister of Thailand has given his view that the number will reach to 32 million by the end of this year. The number of tourist around the world is rising steadily in every year. Now the authorities of tourism, Thailand plan to make it as a quality destination hub for holidaying.

In March the arrival of tourist reach 2,948,690 which is an increase in percentage 15.39 than that of previous march. The climatic condition and the natural beauty of the country attract the people to visit the country.

The country is regarded as one of the finest tourist hub, so the major revenue has been collected by the department of tourism. The economical growth of the nation also depends on it. The major cities of Thailand show that the number of foreign visitors increases everywhere. By regions, all the markets recorded increase in the march expects Oceania. The growth of East Asia is highest in comparison to others by the numbers of arrival of foreign tourist. The arrivals of foreign tourist contribute a large amount to the financial condition of the countries.

EB5 Visa- a great exposure for foreign investors

The EB5 visa is an immigrant investor program of American government which allows the business individuals of different countries to invest their funds in US irrespective of age, educational qualification, business experience, language proficiency and the adaptability. So this program regarded as one of the flexible immigrant investor program in the current time.

The standard program requires a foreign investor to contribute $1,000,000 American dollars into US businesses and create 10 jobs. The investor’s spouse and children under the age of 21 are also allowed to legally live in the United States if the investor meets these basic requirements. This one is really a great approach for the foreign nationals to getting the US green card by the help of this investor program. That is the reason why the EB-5 visa is regarded as the pathway to US green card.

For wealthy investors, $500,000 in investments was a reasonable amount and a justifiable move to get a green card. The changes made the EB5 visa more appealing, but unfortunately mismanagement and poor monitoring caused the EB5 Regional Center Pilot Program to be suspended between 1998 and 2003. It was discovered that there were abuses to the system that was ultimately costing the United States money. While the program was suspended, work was done to remove the abuses to the system. A new Investor and Regional Center United were created in order to make it easier to monitor and regulate applications.

There is still an annual quota limit of allowable EB5 visas. This limit is 10,000. In order to qualify an investor needs to invest $500,000 USD in an investment center approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The investment is required to indirectly or directly create 10 US-based jobs. The investor is also required to allow a regional center to have a limited partnership role in any company or investment which allows the US government to have a minimal policy-making role in the company or investment.

India protest against US for the reformation of visa policy

The monopoly hike of price on H-1B visa by US suffered the Indian skilled professionals. The finance minister of India Mr. Arun jaitely has been disappointed on this issue. The hike of visa price is completely intentional and it is to targeting the Indian IT companies, said jaitely in the press conference.

This matter has been discussed between the the trade representative of US Michael froman and Indian finance minister Mr. Arun jaitely for the reformation of the policy under the agreement of tantalization. According to the agreement the Indian immigrants will lost the money they have paid for the social security if they would get back to India without getting the PR there.

Indian skilled workers have been given around $25 billion for the fund of social security in last ten years, but still they face difficulties to get the permanent resident from the US government. US is getting more benefits from the Indian workers rather than other immigrants but the Indian have to face more difficulties. The foreign workers from other countries like Belgium are getting more facilities providing only one million to the social securities

Some interrogators said that Indian employees provide the huge amount to the social security system only to get the PR and citizenship. If they complete 40 quarters then they will able to get benefits from the system of social security.

New Delhi raised his voice for the hike of visa fee to an amount $4, 5000 on H-1B and L-1, which two are more familiar among the Indian skilled indivisuals. New Delhi has intimidated to focus this issue on world trade organization. Many software companies and the high skilled workers also support Delhi regarding the issue.

There are many Indian are work for American IT industries and help them to enhance their economy, So USA should take the necessary action for the reformation of current policy by which the bilateral tade and commerce relationship can be improved.

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Interested in Canada Immigration Visa? What Choices do You Have?

Canada, the most sought-after immigration destination with high standard of living and excellent career options has carved the niche for itself as one of ideal destination for individuals who wish to settle in overseas. Besides its multicultural ambiance and employment prospects, this top-notch destination is also widely known for attracting skilled professionals from across the globe.

Have any plans to migrate to Canada? Wish to gain detailed cognizance on Canada immigration? Well, here we are listing out few of details concerned with immigration of Canada.

Canada, being a third largest country and popular destination that follows the tradition of welcoming immigrants, is also well-known for thriving economy and picturesque places to visit. In general, an overseas skilled professional interested in Canada immigration from India or other nations has to meet minimum immigration requirements and the required selection criteria.

And an overseas national wishing to migrate to Canada can make use of any of the below listed visa options to immigrate effortlessly. The major visa options are as follows:

Canada Skilled worker program

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Quebec skilled worker

Provincial Nomination Program

Business Immigration

  • Federal business immigration
  • PNP business immigration

Family class Canadian immigration

  • Parents and grandparent sponsorship
  • Spousal sponsorship
  • Provincial family class sponsorship
  • Dependent child and other sponsorships

Top reasons to migrate to Canada:

There are an umpteen number of reasons why most overseas skilled professionals choose Canada immigration. Such as:

  • Best destination to work and live
  • Stable and Booming economy
  • Can enjoy high quality of life
  • World-class education system
  • Good social and health benefits
  • Low tax and inflation
  • All overseas immigrants can enjoy the same rights, freedom and status as like that of nation’s citizens
  • Valid passport holder of the nation has the nation has the freedom to travel across 10 countries without possessing a visitor visa
  • Higher education here is highly reasonable when compared to other developed nations
  • Individuals residing in the nation for more than three years can attain the Canadian citizenship effortlessly
  • Canadian permanent residency holders have the right to sponsor their family members

Are you an overseas skilled worker or an individual having a passion to immigrate to Canada? If your answer is yes, gain detailed awareness on the visa options of the maple leaf nation by approaching the qualified professionals of Opulentus today.

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is a leading immigration and visa consultancy that offers reliable, steadfast and swift immigration services to its potential clients. Our professionals leave no stone unturned in helping you obtain the requisite visa in a timely fashion.